Covid 19: Just for a short time

After reopening the border following the Covid 19 restrictions, we invite you and your family to stay in the fresh, unspoiled Norwegian countryside.
This semester, we welcome everybody, artists and non-artists, to enjoy our beautiful little community and surrounding forests. Follow this link: Airbnb
Our Studio is the perfect spot to relax, enjoy the clean fresh water, forests, and peaceful surroundings

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Activities in Studio

Studio for writers, artists and academia

Studio Residency: Calling Artists, Writers, Academics, and Journalists

The institution of Atelier Austmarka offers studio residencies in the scenic village of Austmarka, Finnskogen, in Southeast Norway, near Sweden. This remote space offers a peaceful environment surrounded by lush nature, wildlife, forestland and lakes. We welcome all creative individuals to practice in a variety of disciplines and enjoy creative research and art projects.

Small shows for public displays are possible.

Atelier Austmarka is, first of all, a retreat for artists. However, you can organize a small show for public display and present or exhibit your work if you need it for your cv.

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Our atelier is not a place for large-scale promotion, strategic networking, or frequent encounters with a public audience. It is intended as a space for reflection and rest to open yourself up for something new. If needed, we do possibilities to show your work to the public.

Application Requirements

For All

Please follow the link below to learn more about our residencies at Atelier Austmarka. Requirements for the application process and your options are defined in the following page.

Read more on our  F.A.Q. page

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Austmarka – a village in the midle of nowhere is a great place for artists, writers, journalist, photographers, and other creative individuals.

Velkommen til dette nettstedet.

Vi håper du finner den informasjon du trenger. Det meste av nettstedet er på engelsk, men en del av de underliggende sidene vil være på norsk. Bildene forteller sin historie uavhengig av språk. Vårt hoved mål er å stimulere til aktivitet for det lekende menneske. Vi gir kunstnere fra hele verden arbeidsopphold for utøvelse av eget arbeid.

Følg linken og les litt mer om oss.  Siden er på norsk.

Vi er representert på globale platformer som Resartis og Transartist

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Austmarka – midt i verden. Verd er besøk.

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