Artist-in-residence Norway. Apply for residency in Austmarka, Finnskogen – Norway. Deadlines throughout the year is:

February 8, May 8, August 8 and November 8.

ATTENTION: Application Now Open

Information you need

Nemanja Ladjic 2015 in Austmarka Norway

There are a lot of questions and quite a lot you should know. Study this pages carefully before you decide to travel to us.

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Apply for residensy

Nemanja Ladjic 2015 in Austmarka Finnskogen Norway

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Previous visitors

Nemanja Ladjic 2015 in Austmarka Finnskogen Norway

Here you find list of previous visitors

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You will find us in the middle of nowhere – in the forest called Finnskogen – In Eastern Norway.

Artist in residence

“Artist-in-residence programs and other residency opportunities exist to invite artists, academicians, curators, and all manner of creative people for a time and space away from their usual environment and obligations. They provide a time of reflection, research, presentation and/or production. They also allow an individual to explore his/her practice within another community; meeting new people, using new materials, experiencing life in a new location. Art residencies emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture.” – Tekst from Wikipedia

A place to stay – a place for creating – a place for contemplation and new inspiration.

Artist in residence Finnskogen eastern Norway

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