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Small Video “ENCOUNTER”

A small video interview presenting the temporary of Eugene Macki. It is located on a cross country ski area in the village of Austmarka. It was made in the spring 2015. It wil be a learning and playground for the youngest geocache players, between 3 and 7 years, under the large event in september. Eugène […]

Activities in Austmarka forest

This summer there are going to be a lot of cultural activities in Austmarka forest, which is a part of the larger, Finnskogen. In 2015, the Norwegian government has put a lot of focus on “Outdoor activities” and they are supporting a lot of events. Volunteers in the non profit organisation Austmarka historielag (historical association) […]

Here we are

We are happy to receive E-mails and forms with questions that we can use to make the website more informative. Please do not hesitate if you see something that’s not informative enough, or something you think should be included. We want to be better. The last document we made is a .pdf file with details […]