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Norway today ! In Austmarka village, in the forest of Finnskogen, this will be remember. We got our own roundabout


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Teenagers and kids project.


Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has made two reports about Atelier Austmarka


Kul Tur Ute Austmarka Finnskogen

Activities in Austmarka forest

This summer there are going to be a lot of cultural activities in Austmarka forest, which is a part of the larger, Finnskogen.
In 2015, the Norwegian government has put a lot of focus on “Outdoor activities” and they are supporting a lot of events.
Volunteers in the non profit organisation Austmarka historielag (historical association) has, for decades, worked on promoting the history in this part of Finnskogen.
The Norwegian Turistforening (tourist association) and the government have given them their support for marking a 50 km historical trail in this area. This is the first and more tracks for those who want to walk here in Finnskogen will come later. Starting here in the south and going all the way up to the North, in Trysil kommune.

The opening will be the 14th June 2015.
Atelier Austmarka has also been given some support for the same reason. The money will go towards temporary land art in the forest, as a stimulant to entice new people to explore the great outdoors.
Atelier Austmarka is just starting to put some art out in the woods. Two pieces are on the route of the new trail through the forest. You will find pictures of them here. Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility to translate the information about this project into English, so the pictures are informative for everyone, but the text is only available in Norwegian.

The trail that opens on 15th June is also going to be popular with geocachers and on the opening day more than 80 caches will be published along 50 km track. Through the Summer, more geocaches, connected to Atelier Austmarka’s art program will be published. Maybe one every week. On September 19th there will be geocache event in the village. On September 20th there will be another event and a further 10 caches will be published.

Travler info Gardermoen Austmarka, AiR Norway

Here we are

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AiR Travler info Gardermoen Austmarka

AiR Travler info Gardermoen Austmarka

AiR Travler info Gardermoen Austmarka Norway
Atelier Austmarka is in the center of Austmarka village, a part of Finnskogen. Austmarka is a part of Kongsvinger municipality in the county of Hedmark in Norway.