Kongsvinger to Austmarka

Bus informtion

check this link out https://en-tur.no !
Choose your date and insert your trip. “Kongsvinger stadjon” and “Austmarka Skole”

  • avreise = departure
  • ankomst = arrival

Tell the bus driver where you are going, sometimes they may have the opportunity to drive you all the way. Sometimes (from the school) it’s 10 minutes to walk.

Map travler info .pdf

note!: there is no bus from Gardermoen to Kongsvinger anymore. You have to take bus to Årnes and train from Årnes to Kongsvinger.

Print out the document and take it with you. You might need it.
Link to map
AiR Travler info Gardermoen Austmarka

Bus from Kongsvinger to Austmarka

The bus website is not very clear with the information it gives.

The timetable at the bus stop is not always correct either.
The problem (adventure) is that now you are in the countryside, things do not always go to plan like in big towns/cities.

We have in the past experienced problems when we have given precise details to guests coming to stay with us, only to have the bus company change something or other at the last minute and the guests have deliberately missed the bus, not realising it was the one they needed. We at Atelier Austmarka have no idea why or when the bus company will make these changes. The only thing we do know is that the last bus most days is at about 15:50 (3.50pm).

The reason we can not give you exact details about the bus ride is because there can be so many different possibilities.
The bus is usually yellow but on the day you arrive, it might be blue (or any other colour).
The bus is usually quite large and able to carry 50 people but the day you arrive it might only be a small one able to carry 10.
The number of the route is usually 516 but on the day you arrive it could be anything between 001 and 999. (or maybe no number at all!)

If you can, talk to other people at the bus stop and ask them for their help. Ask the drivers on every bus until you find the one you have to get on. Austmarka is the last stop on the route and the atelier is in (what we call) the centre of the village.