resident fee:

  • 2 week (14 days) cost 5268,- NKR
  • 3 week (21 days) cost 7676,- NKR

Longer stays than 3 weeks, send us a price request.

Maximum stay is 3 month (12 week) and that cost 24.000,- NKR.

In Norway we use Norwegian kroner – here is link to one converter.

If you apply for residency in Norway then you should know Norway is a high-cost country.

This house was built on the ashes of a house of prayer. A private goal, and a reason for the rebuilding of this house, was to open a studio for the benefit of everyone’s good. We hope that to generate enough income to fulfil this goal..

Please be sure you can afford the costs and will work according to our requirements. Aside from that, all you need is good intention and an open heart.

Follow this link to get to the application form.

Remember to read F.A.Q. carefully.

For closing the deal of participating you must pay 25% of your stay as a non refundable fee. Rest of the fee must be paid 4 week before arrival.

If you need to apply visa we make individual agrements.

A non-refundable confirmation fee is due  upon acceptance, which reserves the residency place.

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