Exhibit or promote your work

You can have a show for public display, present, and have an exhibition of your work if you wish

News – starting now in 2019 – Exhibit or promotion of your work is possible when you participate in our program. You need to describe this in your application. You do not need to contribute in this way, but you can apply for the opportunity.

Atelier Austmarka has existed for more than 5 years and can move forward with new opportunities for residence. We work online – so this page will be modified whenever another volunteer helps out to correct it.

Land Art

With land art you have the opportunity to present art in nature.  We still need to see every project individually in order to determine how to do it, and where to do it. The artist who presents the art, also needs to remove it before departure. We might ask for a deposit for the possibility to present an exhibition.

Fine Art and Figurative Artists

As for figurative artists; painters and sculptors we work on more than one possibility.  The localities for the exhibition can be at the grocery store, the pizzeria, and the old school, a private photo gallery, or opening the Atelier Austmarka studio. We cannot at this time (the next years to come) promise where in front, we need to experience it locally first.

Because we are a small organisation the artist must take the full responsibility for transporting, mounting and make all the arrangements for the exhibition. The artist must participate in every step and be present at the exhibition.

For Academics, Writers and Others

As for presentations we have the possibilities to open some areas of the house and invite the village people. It might be the living room on the first floor, the kitchen or the studio if it is not disturbing other residences.

For speeches or film presentations we can support with a projector for presentation.

Be aware of:

It is actually possible that in this remote village no one shows up. Exhibition is a new thing up here and everything grows slowly. This is a new possibility that we need to develop slowly in the rhythm of this tiny village.

Please remember to write a brief application. We do however need to know your wishes. There is no paid staff/host at the studio. It is limited what we can offer to help and assist you with – we kindly ask you to respect this.

We do not have:

• a public printer for you to use
• free making and delivery of flyers
• car for you to rent
• exhibition grant
• free garbage disposal of leftovers from artwork/land art/temporary art projects
• plastic glasses/cups for serving

We can do:

• Invite people with social platforms on the internet
• Put up a flyer created by you at the local post office.

Everything is possible to rent in the city of Kongsvinger at your own cost.

Remember to purchase and bring tax free dry sparkling wine for your presentation/opening/vernissage  at the airport (If alcohol is not needed you can purchase sparkling water at the grocery store).  Alcohol is very expensive in Norway.

After the exhibition, and when our agreement is completed, we can give you a documentation letter as proof of your stay. You will also be granted a page for presentation of your work on our webpage.  You have to deliver the content (short text in your mother tongue and English – and provide us with images)