Important Information and F.A.Q.

Study this page and the contents carefully, before you decide to visit.

  • Write short and simple

    Please write short clear sentences to assure smooth translation. It’s very helpful if you keep that in mind.

  • Can someone assist me

    If you require additional assistance, please let us know.

    Its important that you know what to expect before arrival. Remember: there is no host. And other guests have not applied to the program to help you.

  • Retreat

    Atelier Austmarka is first of all a retreat for artists and writers. It is not a space for promotion, exhibition, strategic networking, or facing a public audience. It is a space for reflection and rest in order to make space for something new.

  • Is there a cafe, pub, or other social meeting place nearby?

    Yehaaa!!!!! Spring 2019 – new owners have reopened the village café.

    It is next door to the grocery store and only a little walk from the studio pizza’n – facebook 


    There are cafe, restaurants or pubs  in Kongsvinger city 26 kilometer. There are bus to Kongsvinger in the morning and before 16.00 there is some back to the village.

    Taxi cost from 1200,- NOK to 2100,- NOK for one way. Check out link for living cost farther down the page


    Atelier Austmarka represents silence, solitude, nature and isolation. If there are no other artists in the studio, then you are alone without host.

  • What is the weather/climate like in Norway?

    See link pages

    It is advisable to bring a pair of indoor shoes/slippers as it is a concrete floor and you might get cold feet 😉

    Light/darkness – We have light summer evenings (no midnight sun) and just a few hours of daylight mid winter. The light changes slowly between day and night. Not much disturbing light for watching the sky/stars at night.

  • Is it noisy in Austmarka?

    Not out in the forest/nature, but here in the house it may be a little louder as the walls are a bit thin.

  • Ask before taking photo

    Please don’t take photos of other people who are staying here, their work, or their work areas. We understand that you might want to share these things with your friends/family or social network etc. but we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in this house. It is not polite to ask them to participate for your own needs.
    Think twice before if there is a good reason for breaking the privacy rule.
    Other peoples artwork or participation here at this Residence is not your project to document.

  • Can I send materials/equipment/large objects instead of carrying them?

    We are sorry, but we do not have a solution for sending material at this date.

  • We do not allow oil paints or products with heavy odor. The studio does not have a fresh-air ventilation system.

  • What rules do you have for smoking?

    No smoking allowed inside but you are welcome to use the balcony or outside.

  • Can I have visitors? What about children?

    This is a working space so children are not allowed.
    Only short-time (no overnight visitors) are allowed because we do not want any disturbances in the atelier.

  • What kind of things can affect my allergies?

    There could be fumes from oil paints or other artists materials.

    Candles and wood burning fires will be used sometimes.

    The owner has a standard Poodle that may be on the premises at times.

  • Can I bring my own pets?

    The owner has a dog that will be on the premises at times.

    No other pets of any kind are allowed.

  • Can I order take-away food?

    No. You are too far away from the nearest take-away shop.

    (but… maybe here at Austmarka Pizza’n)

  • Do I need to bring my own bed linen/towels?

    No, these will be provided.

  • Housekeeping

    There are neither paid staff nor cleaners here so you must take the responsibility for ensuring the house is kept clean and tidy for everyone who is here and for those who come after you. You are responsible both for your sleeping area as well as the common areas, i.e. living room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom.

    Cleaning equipment and soaps that are in the house upon arrival, must be replaced before departure. The rule of thumb is to leave a bit more than when you arrived. This also applies to whatever spices and condiments that are in the kitchen.

    Everyone should do their bit. This gives all visitors a good start on their arrival.

    There is a communal washing machine available to use.

    Unless you expect your mother to do the cleaning after you, we strongly advise you keep the place clean and tidy.
    In the event that you leave without cleaning, we will hire someone to do it, and charge you for the pleasure of being lazy.

  • Do you allow alcohol?

    Yes, but you must be over 20 years old.
    Only beer is available in the local shop.

    The nearest shop for wines and spirits is called Vinmonopolet and is situated in Kongsvinger. Wines and spirits are very expensive in Norway.
    I am sorry to tell you that the artists favourite drink of Absynth is illegal in Norway. 😉

  • Where can I buy my food.

    There is a local store about 600 m from the atelier.

  • Do not disturb our neighbors and those living in the village.

  • How do I get to Kongsvinger and then Atelier Austmarka?

    From Oslo city there are train about every hour L14 or L14x to Kongsvinger.
    From Kongsvinger you can take a bus or a taxi
    The taxi will cost approximately 1500 NOK during the daytime. 1750 NOK at weekend.
    It’s also possible to organize someone to pick you up. This MUST be arranged in advance and will only be available during the early afternoons  at a cost of 500 NOK each.

    If you need help ask the voluntary group at the atelier, send an contact form, email or sms.

    From Gardemoen airport we recommend:

    1. Get on a bus that has the registration number 838, that will take you to Årnes
    2. At Årnes you get on the train that has the registration number L14 or L14x to Kongsvinger
  • The bus to Austmarka

    For the Norwegian and English timetable go to  You will be going to “Austmarka skole” and you must enter your departure (in Norway).

    From Kongsvinger you can take a bus that will cost around 60 NOK.

    There is no bus  in school holidays on Saturdays, Sunday summer, Easter, Christmas.

    During the week, there is a bus to kongsvinger in the morning and back to village in the early afternoon.

  • There is no bus from Kongsvinger to Austmarka - Who can help me?

    You can take a taxi – the cost is from 1200,- NOK to 2100,- NOK one way.

    We can try to find someone that can drive you. -This will cost 500,- NOK for the first person and 250,- NOK for everyone after the first one.- one way. We must know this in advance and have time to organize it.

    The bus costs 60,- NOK one way.

  • There is no host

  • We have trust in you

  • Breach the rules and we will send a bill

  • Everyone must help with the cleaning.

  • We do not discuss house rules

  • Please read and respect the answers in F.A.Q.

  • After the recidential period

    After the recidential period all artists is askt to write a short report, with some visual documentation of the stay. We will use this internally for the future of the studio. But we will also like to use some of it on our webside.

Artist, writers, academics and journalists Residency