Kul Tur or Funny walk

in Finnskogen and Austmarka

Infomation in English

The name of the project is a Norwegian pun and does not really work in English.
Kultur looks very similar to the English word culture. However, when the word is split into two, Kul and tur, it would translate to something like ‘funny walk’. Really it should be Kul or cool in English. Here in Norway tur means tour and often it’s done out in the wildness, the forest, the mountains or at the seaside. Norwegians are walking around for no other reason than walking. Culture on the other hand is something that Norwegians are sceptical about. Walking in to a gallery is not a particularly popular past-time for a Norwegian, but taking a hike out in the forest just to eat chocolate and drink coffee is natural behaviour

Project with financial support

2018, The department of muncipal and modernisatiion, supported the second and last aktivitis in this projekt present Skogfinsk minoretee culture.  we olso got suport from lokal privet firm named “Bacher industri” og RA-Elektro”

The county and munisipalyti and some priviat firmsuport our KU-L-TUR projekc an travling hord of catle for peas. Thanks to “nordisk hel tre”, “Gaia venneforening”

2017, the department of muncipal and modernisatiion, supported a project on present Skogfinsk minoretee culture.

2015, Atelier Austmarka finally received support from the county to help introduce new audiences to land-art, Geocaching and outdoor activities in the area.

The funding is for integration and focus on ‘Friluftsliv’ (direct translation ‘fresh air life’) which is very popular in Norway. Some of these new people are not necessarily Norwegian citizens but just live or be visiting here. Even so, the pages with the title Kul-Tur will be written mostly in Norsk.