Prehistory of November meeting.

There is established collaboration between Kitte Witting (Greenland) and Gudrun Holck (Denmark) to sing for seals and whales (link to website) #. Gitte Svensen and Kitte Witting are both Sheng Zhen gong teachers and spent a few days together in Atelier Austmarka summer 2017 and ide making became a fact. Eva Vevere has previously participated in the artist in the residence in Atelier Austmarka and Gitte wishes her to join the project.

The November meeting would clarify whether we could find four projects to work together. Several ideas were highlighted and project sketches were made.

The association Atelier Austmarka saw that it was possible to contribute to one of these at this time. That project is called Kua-Govs.

The date of the next network meeting will be set to February 2018

The people involved in the start-up phase of the project 2kua-Gov’s are
Kitte Witting – Coordinator with focus Greenland
Gudrun Holck – Performer’s Artist and Coordinator for Denmark
Eva Vëvere – Visual artist and coordinator Latvia
Gitte Svensen – Director Atelier Austmarka, Visual Artist Norway, Coordinator for Activity in Norway -The meeting was funded through support from … .logo …… and with cultural resources from .Kong …
Kitte Wittng has submitted the report and accounts for the funds father NAPA t date where Kua-Govs is a small part of the report.
Atelier Austmarka has implemented the project in economic report for 2017