Austmarka has approximately 1200 inhabitants.

Austmarka covers 1/3 of Kongsvinger municipality. Business is based on agriculture and forestry, but there are also some companies and entrepreneurs.

There may not be many inhabitants but the community spirit is strong. The Norwegian word ‘dugnad’ has the literal translation of «Volunteer» but this does not do the word justice. The locals give a lot of time and effort to the local community by doing voluntary work, such as publishing the local paper named Austmarkingen, tidying and clearing the forests to keep them accessible etc. and also arrange festivals and events throughout the year.

There are many tourists in Austmarka but you do not see them other than when they are shopping at the local ‘Joker’ shop or they come paddling through ‘Møkervassdraget’. The small river coming from Sweden, runs through Austmarka and then back into Sweden again.

In the village there still is a tradition of Finnish smoke sauna. Once a month during the winter the villagers meet and take a communal sauna followed by a swim in the river. If there ice on the river, they just cut a whole big enough to take a dip.

Deer licking salt stone outside studio