It was here that many Finnish families settled from around the mid 1600s, and some of the local place names often reflect this. Here you will encounter rolling, wooded hills with river valleys, large and small lakes and marshlands. Finnskogen is the start of ‘Taigaen’, the massive forested belt of land that stretches from Norway, through Sweden, Finnland and Russia and ends at the Pacific.

Finnskogen is suitable for long or short walks, with it’s rich flora and fauna. You can also find old reminders of the Finnish forest culture.

Finnskogen Trekking association has worked together with its partners to offer around 1100 km of marked trails. There is a small possibility that you will experience an encounter with bears and wolves. Moose/elk on the other hand, can you be almost certain to meet!

Many roads are closed off and not open to vehicular traffic, this gives very good cycling opportunities in Finnskogen and surroundings. The area also provides many excellent opportunities to paddle by canoe.