The small city Kongsvinger is located in Hedmark county in Norway, it’s been a important city since the viking age, the city and it’s people played an important part when we broke our chains to Sweden and again during world war 2 when brave men and woman helped refugies escape from Norway to Sweden.

Nowadays how ever it’s a peaceful place housing about 17 835 people. The city have one of the few remaining fortresses in Norway. The fortress was build in 1673 and lays on one of the highest points in Kongsvinger. The fortress is one of the things you have to see if you go to Kongsvinger, the view is lovely and it also have a museum where you can learn about Kongsvinger’s history.

The fortress

If you want to see the fortress you should drop by the old town on your way up there. The old town or Øvrebyen as we say, dates back to the 1700s where it started out with just a few small houses for officers and soldiers. If you enjoy architecture or just want to explore this is the place for you, you can find small shops and a lovely cafe if you fancy a snack.


Museum of women history

Another thing you should drop by is the Museum of women history (Kvinne museet). There you can learn quite a bit about history seen from a woman’s perspective and learn how it was to be female back in the day.


Kongsvinger also have other things to keep you entertained, the golf club is open for visitors, we have a indoor swimming pool, there are of course plenty of options if you want to swim outside too, you could go to the cinema or visit one of our many restaurants for a bit to eat.

Going to Finnskogen is also a great option if you want to see some of the amazing nature Kongsvinger has to offer.

Kongsvinger has agreed to fill the city with street art. And we love it.
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